About Us

LookwideUK is a Northumberland Scouts development initiative. Scouting has always been dedicated to providing development opportunities for all young people. Out aim is to engage those young men and women who might not see Scouting as an activity of choice but who could benefit greatly from the range of activities and opportunities which we offer. We do not seek to recruit members to the Association in any formal way, though of course membership is an option which is always open should an individual wish to take this route. However, our ways of working are firmly rooted in the Purpose, Principles and Methods of the Scout Association, which provides us with a robust national — and indeed international — support structure.

For  a detailed account of where we came from, what we have achieved and how the future looks, you may choose to read our Impact Report: Taking Scouting a Step Further - a short history of Project Northumberland and its transformation into LookwideUK. Click on the link on the right...