Benfield School- LookwideUK Feedback

Benfield School

LookwideUK Feedback July 2013

The Y9 students were identified as they lacked confidence and struggled to fit in to some of the day to day challenges in school and also because they experience some difficulties as a result of their home lives.

All of the students have given positive feedback about heir time with Lookwide, each week they have came back full of life and chatter. I have certainly seen a difference in their attitude and confidence in and around school. When speaking to them they have also been able to hold conversation about their experiences (this is not usual for these students!). The students have reported that they always felt comfortable and happy with the activities and support they received.

Dave Wardle

Year Leader


The Y10 students were identified as vulnerable students who are generally very quiet and at times insecure. R has had previous Lookwide experience (1-1) which has helped him enormously in terms of increased attendance, confidence and communication.

Both K and R have really enjoyed the programme and been able to express how useful it has been in terms of developing their confidence and experiences. The nature of the programme (content, organisation, support) provides nurturing opportunities and experiences that we are generally unable to provide in terms of expertise and knowledge.

Lesley Brookes

Year Leader


I have been extremely impressed with the organisation, communication and delivery of the programme. I like that Lookwide modify content and delivery to meet the needs of individuals / groups and how they are carefully and sensitively put together.

Student feedback has been extremely positive and there is a great willingness and hope to do something similar again.

Maria Irving

Assistant Headteacher