'Give it a Go...' Success Story C

C was no stranger to Lookwide, we met him two years ago when he as struggling to keep on track at school and he sometimes had trouble building positive friendships. We were delighted when C was removed from our alternative education because he was back in mainstream school full time.  

However, C has recently left school and he was feeling a bit lost, so we invited him to come back and join our ‘Give it a Go…’ programme to keep him on top form.

C regularly attends every session and always rings us to make sure that he does not miss out on his chance to take part! C’s parents have told us how working with LookwideUK over the last few years has allowed him to build his self-confidence and become more independent, and we were glad that ‘Give it a Go…’ was there to pick him up when he was feeling down.

C will be joining our ‘Explore!’ group to achieve new awards and certificates and LookwideUK’s Development Tutors are also helping C to identify further education and work opportunities. C’s interested in a career in gardening, so hopefully he launch a new ‘Give it a Grow…’ programme!